Success Stories

"My clients have responded openly to the questions that cause them to evaluate close relationships in their lives. They naturally learn about a path to conquer fear, and confront the hurt that has led to behavior problems in the past. I have seen remarkable results from this method.  [It] has provided critical support to me as I assist children on their path to healing."

Gail Weisend, LSW, MSW, Pathway Caring for Children

"I have heard only good reports from those who attended the seminar. It has encouraged children to turn to their parents and parents to turn to their children. There has been transparent sharing between the generations. One particular family told me that they went home and had a slumber party to take time to just talk to one another and speak about some of the hurt and rejection that has affected their lives. We thank you for how you allowed yourself to be used to usher us into a spirit of repentance for our own sin of wrath so that we can be released to fully forgive those who have offended us."

Kristi Mizelle, M.D., Director, Health and Wellness Ministry
Mount Olive Holy Evangelistic Church

"In the past year we have learned just how powerful relational healing can be. We have seen families reconnected after years of no contact. We have seen teens truly grieve over the pain they were caused by those who were supposed to love and protect them the most and we have seen parents acknowledge that they too were severely hurt when they were children. While the premise has been simple, the results have been profound."

Ken Maaz, Executive Director, Faith Homes

"The Models have increased the effectiveness of our program. The...behaviors improved at home, school and in the community."

Amy Elliott, Ph.D., Program Manager, A New Day
Juvenile Day Reporting Center, NC

"The Ministry of Reconciliation training and application with the families was one of the most powerful things I have seen."

Terri Landon, Assistant to Director of Single Parent Mentoring
Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, TX

"…we are seeing significant results in behavior and attitudes. Parents have come along side the staff and are requesting to become trainers and assist in the intervention process."

Kathleen Watts, Superintendent, Trinity Christian School

"Since the Model was introduced at the Bair Foundation, we have documented a decrease in restraints and internal moves of children due to behavior. The most exciting the individual stories of success I hear on a regular basis from staff and families."

Renay L. Crouse, M.S.S.A., L.I.S.W., Executive Vice President
The Bair Foundation

"I believe the decision to implement relational healing and our new-found relationship with Bethesda are two of the most positive turns in the history of Faith Homes."

Ken Maaz, Executive Director, Faith Homes

"The breadth and depth of the program is best described as challenging! The curriculum requires active mend and reestablish relationships..."

James Harvey Bell, PA Department of Corrections
Pardons Case Specialist/Family Services, Bureau of Inmate Services

"...thank you for a job well done and a commitment that goes far beyond that of contract requirements and truly comes from the heart!"

Ronald D. Griffith, Commander, Quehanna Boot Camp
PA Department of Corrections

"...quickly gets to the hearts of these kids and their families to resolve deep-rooted issues using a no-nonsense approach."

Pat Croce, Pat Croce & Company

"Current data on incidents, major risk events, and overall morale shows a significant improvement since the implementation of the Bethesda model."

H. Wendell Normile, Program Director Devereux
Florida Community Residential Programs

"This program continues to be one of our more popular programs and has a very positive impact on the overall climate in our institution."

Robert L. Coffey, Supervisor of Education, U.S. Penitentiary, Allenwood, PA

"...involves the total family of the juvenile client and encourages responsibility based upon peer support and peer criticisms."

Pricilla K. Carroll, Attorney at Law
Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, L.L.P., Baltimore, MD

" of the few really hands-on approaches..."

Arnold Shapiro, Executive Producer, Arnold Shapiro Productions

"...exceptional achievement in advancing juvenile justice."

Jerry P. Regier, Administrator, U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice
and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP)

" be commended for...efforts to bring healing..."

Shay Bilchik, Administrator, OJJDP

"...intensive, comprehensive family-centered [in] addressing the problem of the chronic status offender."

Robert W. Sweet, Jr., Administrator, OJJDP

"...a sound theoretical basis...solid history of accomplishment and growth..."

Janet Reno, U.S. Attorney General

"The Bethesda Project moved me in a way that I cannot express..."

Pierre Howard, Georgia Lieutenant Governor

"Bethesda Family Services Foundation [has] the program of the future concerning the issues that our youth have to face in society."

Patrick Lee, Community Organizer, Brentwood Village, Baltimore, MD

"...learned a great deal about how to improve their most important relationships—those that they share with their children and other loved ones."

William H. Lane, Supervisor of Education, Federal Correctional Institution/Allenwood Medium, Allenwood, PA

"...has provided consistency in...programs and offered youth the benefit of treatment dealing with their root issues."

Ron Harp, Eastern Zone Division Administrator, Office of Juvenile Affairs, OK

"...this program [is] one of the most unique and successful of its kind..."

J.D. Lamer, Warden, U.S. Penitentiary, Lewisburg, PA

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