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Continuing Education and Training

Bethesda offers a variety of training opportunities that are all authorized as continuing education.

1. Relational Healing Classroom Training - Provides participants with:

  • Deep insight into the root causes of family distress and conflict and how these causes relate to one's inability to function within his interpersonal relationships.
  • As understanding of how to assess the cycle of the interpersonal conflict and recognize the debilitating symptoms that result from his distress.
  • A clear and concise plan of action which will help the individual or family take the proper steps toward victory and healing in their lives.
  • In-depth instruction in Relational Healing counseling, specifically in the areas of family conflict, emotional distress, relational wounding, and reconciliation.
  • Insight into the source of many pathologies in the DSM IVTR and clear strategic solutions for these disorders.

2. Relational Healing Hands-On Training

Hands-on training accelerates the learning and intervention process whereby trainers lead clients through the Four Steps to Emotional Healing while training participants observe.


3. Online Trainings / Webcasts


4. Agency Training & Certification 

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from individuals, corporations, and foundations on behalf of troubled youth and distressed families.
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