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For Corrections Programs Administrators, Counselors, Educators
Criminal behavior leads to a cycle of broken lives and abuse within families. With our focus on these families, we developed the Relational Healing Model.  This Model offers a clear understanding of how relationships break down and eventually lead to a cycle of conflict, followed by a strategic plan for rebuilding relationships. Relational and emotional healing greatly increases the likelihood of offenders' success in the community, upon reentry, and diminishes the odds of the pattern continuing. 
We can help those working in the corrections field stop the "revolving door" pattern.  We offer staff training (including authorized CEUs), curriculum, and programs for the incarcerated. 
The Bethesda Model is based on the following premises:
  • The source of all major problems and failure in humanity lies in relational conflict.
  • Offenders above all others have no healthy dual relationships in their lives.
  • These individuals have offended their families, their victim(s), and society, resulting in their exile from the rest of the world.
  • A total detachment from humanity hinders their adjustment back to their homes and communities.
Focusing on rage dissolution rather than anger management is the best way to bring victory and healing to the lives of inmates, leading them to successful reentry. The source of unresolved anger and how to resolve it are essential to successful intervention strategies with offenders.  Our Four Steps to Emotional Healing is an affective curriculum designed to heal the emotions of those controlled by rage.  
Featured in four prime-time television documentaries, including ABC World News Sunday, Victory Over Violence (hosted by Walter Cronkite), and BAD DADS, (produced by Arnold Shapiro Productions and narrated by George Foreman), this model ensures long-term behavioral change.

"This program (is) one of the most unique and successful of its kind..."
J.D. Lamer, Former Warden, U.S. Penitentiary, Lewisburg, PA


"This program continues to be one of our most popular and has a very positive impact on the overall climate in the institution."
Robert L. Coffey, Supervisor of Education, U.S. Penitentiary, Allenwood, PA

"The breadth and depth of the program is best described as challenging!...requires active participation...
to mend and reestablish relationships."
J. Harvey Bell, PA Department of Corrections, Pardons Case Specialist/Family Services (ret)


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