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For Program Administrators of Juvenile Services

At Bethesda, we place emphasis on partnering with others and training their staff, because we know that there are many excellent providers who administer and operate programs with the highest integrity and efficiency. And we also realize that some of those programs recognize the value of a strategic approach that addresses both the behavioral and therapeutic needs of its clients/residents. This is the area in which we can help. 


Bethesda's unique methodology addresses the risk factors of youth and families by providing a comprehensive and integrated approach which invariably identifies the source of a client's pain and difficulties as rooted in relational conflict. Bethesda's Peer Governance and Relational Healing Models are designed to work together to influence permanent positive change within the intellect, emotion, and will (behavior) of the client.
When your staff are trained in Relational Healing and Peer Governance, you will find that your organization improves its efficiency and effectiveness overall. All staff (not just therapists) work in harmony towards the same goal of preparing the client for successful reentry into the home and community. Agencies trained in the Models have reported less crisis situations, including restraint usage and runaway behaviors. Staff turnover decreases with less stressors and more successes.
Call or email us to learn more about how we can help you improve your effectiveness through staff training, curriculum options and/or agency certification.


"The Models have increased the effectiveness of our program...behaviors improved at home, school and in the community."
Amy Elliott, Ph.D., Program Manager, A New Day,
Juvenile Day Reporting Center, NC
"Since the Model was introduced at The Bair Foundation, we have documented a decrease in restraints and internal moves of children due to behavior."
Renay L. Crouse, M.S.S.A, L.I.S.W, Executive Vice President,
The Bair Foundation


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