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Our Relational Healing Model was developed to help individuals of all ages and backgrounds heal emotional wounds caused by those who hurt or offended them. It is not a replacement for existing successful therapeutic models; it just provides a simple approach for individuals and families who are trying to understand and trust the therapeutic process. In short, we have "translated" the therapeutic language for the public at large - helping to increase the trust level between therapists and clients.

The process is summed up in "Four Steps to Emotional Healing," a therapeutic journey that results in lasting change: 


Admission and Grieving: The first step toward victory and relational healing, after a primary relationship has broken down, is admission and grieving. As pain is "poured out," healing begins to "pour in."


Confrontation and Disclosure: This process starts out by having the victims write letters to their parents and/or offenders - which in itself can be truly life-changing for the writer - and read them in counselor-facilitated sessions. Next, the victims take accountability for their offenses of retaliation toward their own victims, in a letter form. This process can restore broken relationships, and certainly validates everyone's pain.


Forgiveness and Reconciliation: This third stage involves letting go of the bitterness and rage that the victims held inside. They make purposeful decisions, not to surrender to their offenders, but rather the bitter feelings they have toward their offenders. The choice to forgive is always difficult, but this decision brings genuine emotional healing.


Restoration and Healing: After progressing through each of the three previous steps, individuals are now at peace with their past and able to regulate their emotions. They must then make a contractual commitment to release their offenders and move forward toward rebuilding their current relationships. This results in emotional and relational healing. Now they can develop healthy, lasting, meaningful relationships. 



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