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Incarcerated Adult Success Stories

The best thing about this program is the Relationship Sequence and I like the fact that you have to grieve and let those bad pains and memories go to move on in life. I now know why I act the way I do. I have a whole new way of being a parent. I can help my sons learn not to follow in that destructive path that I did. 


My relationship with my daughter has dramatically changed and my father
and I are on speaking terms.
Recently I had a visit with my son whom I have not seen in six and one-half years. Through the skills I have acquired from the program in which Mr. Hahesy gives, I have learned some key things to help with my visit with my son. Now we are working on our relationship via telephone calls and letters. Thanks to this program now I have a better way to communicate with my children and build a better relationship. This program truly is something that can help inmates and their children and there should be more programs like this to really help rehabilitate inmates.
I am an inmate serving a two and one-half to seven year sentence. I took this program hoping to be a better father. I got so much more out of this. I learned so much about myself, I learned why I act the way I do and now have ways to deal with my anger. I learned how my actions affected my children and my family and every one around me. This is the only class I took in here that really had some meaning to it. Miss Roarabaugh is one of the best people I ever spoke with in my life. Thank you for letting me take your class!
The best thing about this program was being able to listen and learn from others experiences, and being able to share difference of opinions about roles needed in being a good parent.  This knowledge will help me in so many ways:
 •   It will help me as this is my first time at being a parent.
 •   It also helps me know that I'm not a failed parent because of my incarceration.
 •   It also helps me become more focused.
The relationship with my family members/children before the program was no communication or talk. Now it is better then ever. We now talk and listen and give advice to each other. No more arguments.
The best thing about this program was seeing how my incarceration caused
a ripple effect to all of my loved ones.
The relationship with my family has been better after the programs. It taught me how to listen to them and how to share with them, how to talk to them in a way they can have that trust with me; also how to be a child with them because sometimes they need that love and affection from adults. It has gotten us closer together. Thank you for the class.
I believe this program should be part of the family court (system) and require the parents and children to be counseled by the parenting (instructors).
I now have a productive, active relationship with a daughter I haven't known for 12 years.
This program should be instructed in schools around the world for adults and young adults.
The program took me into a depth that I try to reach on my own, but didn't have the right tools to repair the damage...
...shown me that all the hate that I had inside of me was causing me to have bad relationships with my family and kids.
This class has encouraged me to speak about feelings that I've kept buried inside of me for years. I can now talk to my mother about things that I wouldn't have years ago.
The personal change acquired from the Parenting Program is and has been monumental. When I first started this class, I had dreams of the growth that would take place and never fathomed it would be so far!
I also can give testimony to the positive change through what I have learned, using the tools I have been taught, to the tremendous growth of my family. The love, understanding, caring, strength between my son, immediate and extended family, has grown beyond my wildest dreams.
It has helped me forgive people who have caused me harm in the past.
The best thing about the program was...learning how to communicate with my victims. How to explain why things happened the way they did. How to let out my emotions to the people who hurt me. Having a better relationship with my family and children.
It made me realize how far off the healthy relationship track I was, and how to get back on the track. It will help me be there emotionally for my daughter as well as financially and physically.
I've learned how to reconcile with my victims, which before I thought I didn't have any victims.
It let me know that I couldn't be a good parent unless I let go of (certain) issues and forgave my offenders. At one point in my life I wouldn't cry in front of my children, now I do.
This model has been featured on several national prime time television documentaries including ABC World News Sunday and BAD DADS (produced by Arnold Shapiro Productions and narrated by George Foreman).
The newly acquired knowledge already did help me. I start listening more and talking less. It's not about me any more it's about my kids. Before this program my conversation with my kids lasted five minutes now it's not enough minutes because I started listening more to them.
The best thing about this program is that we are here talking about our problems with others, getting a lot of stuff out in the open. Now I know my problems and I can deal with them, because it's hard to deal with something if you don't know what it is.
This program allowed me to see problems along with the solution to the problem. It is very much effective and in my opinion it has taught me the meaning of growth. This newly acquired knowledge will help me help others within my struggles in life by giving a helping hand to those that have no clue of how to solve their problems.
This best thing about this program is learning to be truthful with myself about why I act like I do and do what I do. I can identify my wrongs and apologize to my kids for being absent in their lives.
Best thing about this program was getting to understand myself and the effect my actions have on my family. Before I didn't know how to express my concerns without getting angry. Now I try to be more patient and talk without raising my voice. Try to stay calm and understand others situations.
The best thing about this program for me was the writing assignments because it allowed me to express certain feelings on paper that I had been carrying around with me. Allowed me to analyze those feelings and find the best method for dealing with them.   This knowledge will help me become a better person, father and husband. I have learned effective ways for dealing with my marriage and problems that arise as well as how to deal and discipline my children.
The best thing about this program is being able to speak about personal feelings that bother me. I will be monitoring my actions a lot more making sure I make the right decisions.
This program gently encouraged self-examination. Already has helped me deal with issues. My relationships have markedly improved since taking this class. I can see the model working.
The best thing about this program is that I reconnected with my family. I was distant and very antisocial before the program now we communicate often.
I like the Relationship Sequence because it's something that I never looked at before. Well, I couldn't put into words the actions that I needed to take in order to fix a relationship. Now that I understand what must be done and how it must be done, it makes fixing a relationship that much easier. It also gives me the proper way to handle situations with my children, and I like that a lot because growing up I felt like children didn't have any rights. This shows me that I can raise my child as a child but I can also allow him to have a voice.
It can help all aspects of your life if you apply the newly acquired knowledge to your daily life. Before this program I reacted in anger. Now I refuse to argue. Since this program relationship are a whole lot better than usual. We're more patient and affectionate with each other.
The diagram clearly explains the whole process of any relationship. Relationships start out in complete love and happiness but as time continues to go by, you'll definitely have your ups and downs. If you go without confronting your partner concerning issues that damaging your relations, this can lead to unresolved anger. Which in turn births detachment, bitterness and vengeance. If you confront and correct the problems, you'll be on your road to victory. Restoration heals and rebuilds the mutuality and trust which will guarantee you once more that healthy relationship.
This program has reinforced within me the importance of not only being forgiving but attempting to immediately address my wrongs and try to correct them, for both myself and my loved ones. One of the main teachings of the program I have taken to heart is to be more receptive of the needs and feelings of my family.


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